Experience and training are the key to success

Date: 1 May 2021

Managing a busy and growing region is a piece of cake for Clean Rite Master Franchise Owner John Lambert.

Previously from New Caledonia, John joined Clean Rite in 2019. John has tripled is staff and now he is expanding his ‘crew’ by helping new franchises into their own businesses.

In his 15 years experience in the cleaning industry he has obtained his bio risk certification from GBAC and he will always go above and beyond.

A keen fisherman, John says he is excited by the amount of growth the area is experiencing and the potential to build on both the number of teams and services offered by Clean Rite in the region.

He thrives on working closely with his team and customers to offer the best possible service and will clean everywhere, not just what you can see. 

Its pretty safe to say that if your are looking for exceptional service, expertise and a friendly face then John Lambert is your go-to man for all things cleaning.

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Experience and training are the key to success