Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is more important than any other item in your home or office, and it also needs proper cleaning as other items in the house or office needs. 

As it is used extensively, dirt, dust and stains can easily be found on your upholstered furnishings which will make the appearance of your upholstery old and tired. No matter what material your upholstery has, it will need cleaning which should be done by a professional. 

Upholstery cleaning is important for the lifespan of your furniture. 

How often do I need to clean my furniture?

  • Upholstery should be cleaned once or twice a year

Hallmark Services are your upholstery & furniture cleaning experts. Whether you’re wanting your favorite lounge suite to look and feel like it did when your purchased it or you want to remove odours from a sofa, Hallmark Services can help. 

By utilising specialized equipment and cleaning agents, we not only can clean your upholstery and furniture, we can also remove bad odours to make your furniture and upholstery smell new and fresh.

Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

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