Sanitisation & Fogging

Sanitisation & Fogging

With the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) under control in New Zealand – it is still imperative that commercial businesses continue to review the overall cleanliness and sanitation of their respective workplaces. Contaminated surfaces can last up to a week – proving to be especially insidious on stainless steel and plastic surfaces.

Clean Rite is a qualified provider of sanitisation services


We are dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality decontamination services. We are committed to deliver first-class remediation services with our crew of highly trained and skilled franchisees. To maintain the highest level of service, our technicians take continuous training courses.

We provide Professional Coronavirus Remediation services including:

  • Infection control and sanitisation
  • Carpet and upholstery deep clean
  • Air pollution and deodorisation
  • Workplace and surface deep clean and disinfection

What is Disinfectant fogging?

Disinfectant fogging uses vaporized disinfectant chemicals with purified water to sterilize surfaces and the air where it’s used. The chemical and water particles are fast-acting and dry within minutes. Our medical-grade disinfectant fogging does the following:

  • Kills viruses and bacteria
  • Kills fungi, mold, and allergens
  • Odor control for food and smoke odors
Sanitisation & Fogging
Sanitisation & Fogging

When should I disinfect my home or building?

Disinfectant fogging can be done when someone is currently sick or has been sick in the home or building in order to help prevent the spread of air-born illnesses, including colds, flues, and viruses.

  • Business Disinfection Service: Fogging your business can ensure the health and safety of your employees, customers, and vendors.
  • Office Disinfection Service: Disinfecting your office spaces can prevent the spread of illnesses.
  • Home Disinfection Service: Fogging your home can keep your family safe and healthy.
  • Corona Cleaning Service: If you have had a case of coronavirus in your home or building, our fogging disinfectant service can clean and kill coronavirus contaminants to prevent the spread. Leave it to the professionals so you can stay safe!

We use the best equipment for the Best Results

To ensure you get the best service possible, we use high-quality products and equipment. Our medical-grade disinfectant kills all bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus.

The fogging chemicals disinfect within seconds and dry within 5 minutes. The chemicals we use are food-safe and safe to use around electronics.

Put your mind at ease by disinfectant fogging your home or business.

Sanitisation & Fogging
Sanitisation & Fogging

Bundle and Save!

Bundle your carpet cleaning service or regular cleaning service with fogging disinfectant and get 15% off! Call for a free estimate: 0800 101 216

Pricing starts at $3 + gst per square metre. For example, a 150 sq. mt home would cost approximately $450 + gst to fog.

*Our minimum charge is $150 for smaller homes or apartments.

*For large-scale buildings, pricing may vary.