Why is winter a great time to clean your carpet?

Date: 7 Jul 2021

When temperatures start to drop across New Zealand, winter carpet cleaning might not seem like the best idea. But that’s an assumption you should cast aside. Truth be told, there are a whole heap of benefits that come with cleaning your carpet during winter.

Healthier Living

If you’re like most people, you’ll spend the majority of your time indoors when winter rolls around — it’s ideal fireplace weather. As such, consider winter a healthy time to clean those carpets. Allergens and pollutants can build up and affect interior air quality, and nobody needs that when they’re spending so much time indoors.

Faster Drying Times

You’d think that winter carpet cleaning would mean longer drying times, but keep in mind that it’s only the weather outside that’s frightful. Indoors, you’ll have your heat cranked up to keep everything cozy — in fact, the house is probably going to be warmer simply because you’ll be spending more time there. When the air inside your home is warmed up, it’s able to absorb moisture with ease.

Protection for the Future

Winter sees plenty of moisture and dirt tracked into the house, and you should get rid of it before it settles. Carpets will be harder to clean if spots are allowed to become stains, and deeper soiling can permanently damage your flooring. If you don’t want to replace your carpets in spring, it’s a good idea to clean them during winter.

Easy Booking

Not too many people understand the benefits of winter carpet cleaning — spring and summer is when everyone wants to get theirs booked. That can make getting an appointment tricky, something that you’ll need to take care of well in advance to avoid disappointment. During winter, appointments are just that bit easier to come by.

Tis the Season to Clean Those Carpets

Winter carpet cleaning can help your carpets last longer, improve interior air quality, and see drying times slashed. All told, there’s never been a better time to contact Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning.

Why is winter a great time to clean your carpet?