5 perfect reasons why you should get a Clean Rite Commercial Cleaner in to clean your office

Date: 13 May 2022


We all run a busy business, its pretty common to not have the time to stay after hours while everyone has gone home to their families, your staff will have their own important roles that they have to meet deadlines etc, and cleaning isn’t able to be apart of their role. And it would be more productive to and make more financial sense to have your staff spending their time doing their personal job. Clean rite will arrive at your business premises when contacted to do so and will carry out all the jobs in their contract, and get those important jobs done so your workspace can focus on the more essential jobs at hand.


You might have the basic cleaning items in your work areas that you can quickly clean up a 'oh no' moment while on our lunch break, but Clean Rite has the tools and equipment to professionally clean your premisses top to toe that they bring with them every visit so there is no need to have a storage cupboard full of equipment, to leave your work in tip top shape and smelling fresh and clean.


Clean Rite have very well trained cleaners, therefore will be able to complete your regular cleaning contract even during staff illnesses, some holiday periods (Depending on your agreement with your Clean Rite Cleaner) if you leave this task to your own staff, it is more likely to be put to the bottom of the list of tasks when your short-staffed during holiday seasons or when your in a busy peak.


Maintaining a clean place of work is important for many reasons. If your business is a customer-facing, it must be always clean and fresh, or it is unlikely that customers will return. Your staff will also need to work in a clean environment. Not only are they likely to work harder but are less likely to be off work sick if they work in a clean and tidy building.


Clean Rite Area Manager Will visit your premises first to discuss your requirements and see what the layout of the building and give you a cost of the cleaning will be, we will then write up an agreement with you, and we will chat with you any special requests on what you want your cleaning requirements will be. And how often you would want your premises cleaned, there will be a small extra fee for some of the cleaning requirements due to the time frame and the volume of area that needs to be cleaned and how often you would like those areas to be cleaned.

5 perfect reasons why you should get a Clean Rite Commercial Cleaner in to clean your office